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Amazing : BBQ Speech about “Elusive Meat” by 4th grader

18 August, 2015

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BBQ Speech about “Elusive Meat” by 4th grader

Sloan Finger, a 4th grader at Hawks Rise Elementary in Tallahassee, Fla., is a true barbecue aficionado.

He is in fact so knowledgeable that he was awarded for a brilliant speech  titled, “Real Barbecue: An Elusive Meat.”  at Florida’s Tropicana Public Speaking Contest.BBQ Speech about “Elusive Meat” by 4th grader

“If I asked, ‘Want some barbecue?’ Would you say, ‘sure, or ‘no thanks’?” Finger asked his audience rhetorically. “If the answer is ‘no,’ I would speculate that you have not had real barbecue. Why? Because if you have had it you couldn’t say no. The problem is, real barbecue is elusive. Some people believe that if you take a piece of meat or a certain vegetable and put it on the grill, it’s barbecue. Other people believe that by simply adding barbecue sauce to top of a meat it makes it barbecue. Even at my old school they made Sloppy Joe’s and called them ‘barbecue sandwiches.’ Unfortunately, some kids believed them.”

So what constitutes “real” barbecue?

“Real barbecue is slowly cooked by the smoke rising from a bed of smoldering coals in the bottom of a pit,” Finger explained, “or it can be cooked by the smoke of a wood fire box being circulated into an enclosed smoking chamber, which is often mistaken for a grill. As the saying goes, smoke it low and slow.”

When Sloan was asked where one could find this elusive “real” barbecue, he didn’t hesitate.
“I’d say it’s at a restaurant called Dreamland. They started out with just ribs, sweet tea and white bread.”

Dreamland, is the iconic Alabama rib joint started by John “Big Daddy” Bishop in 1958. The first restaurant opened in Tuscaloosa, but Dreamland can now be found in Huntsville, Northport, Roswell, Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery as well.

Alabama as a state is well known for its barbecue. And coincidentally, 2015 just happens to be The Alabama Tourism Department’s Year of Alabama Barbecue.
10-year-old Sloan Finger has a bright future in the BBQ world or as business spokesman!

BBQ Speech about “Elusive Meat” by 4th grader



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