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Halo BBQ Returns To Antique Alley Texas April 2016

Halo BBQ returns to Antique Alley Texas – Faith Meadows  April 15 – 17, 2016 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Halo BBQ Sausage on a StickEvery April and September, the communities of Grandview, Alvarado, Maypearl, Venus, Sand Flat and Cleburne participate in the Antique Alley Texas festival.  Combined, there are over 30 miles of antique and craft dealers, food, and tons of deals on anything you can put a sticker on and sell.

We are Located just 2 miles west of Grandview on Hwy 4 at Faith Meadows – one of the largest gatherings of antique and treasure dealers on the trail.

Faith Meadows is a ‘must see’ Antique Alley Texas attraction.  Over 100 antique and collectible dealers to visit, family-friendly, great parking, clean bathrooms, manicured grounds and awesome BBQ!  You’re sure to have a terrific time and experience some of the best BBQ Antique Alley Texas has to offer.

On The Menu:

  • Texas Style Smoked Brisket
  • Smoked “T-REX” Turkey Legs
  • Awesome Sausage on a Stick
  • Halo BBQ Pork Chops


Halo BBQ returns to this years Antique Alley Texas

From “Most of the private landowner, independent shows ranging from simple yard sales to 100+ vendors lined up, row to row in pastures are located on Hwy 4 between Grandview and Cleburne. DO NOT PARK ON THE HIGHWAY. If a private show promoter does not offer safe parking in their yard or lot, don’t stop! The experienced show promoters have off-road parking available with many offering traffic control personnel. “

We are busy transitioning into the fall season! Check back often to see what’s new. Be sure to look over the news link to see items that might possibly be of interest!

This fall we are tracking down a few stories that will put you in a “fall-iday” mood! Whoo-whoo-Hallooooooo-ween happens right after the “fall” show! Spooky! Watch out for spider webs and creaky doors. . . .

There are many of us Antique Alley Texas (AAT) organizers working together who are comprised of pasture and lot owners operating independently, including those working with cities and chambers of commerce to set-up downtown areas of participating communities. It’s a well-known fact we enjoy partnering with fun, talented folks to put together a great festival-style event! Are you an artist? Are you an eclectic collector/seller of vintage and unusual items? Join our troupe! We are actively seeking items hand made, one of a kind decorative arts and things of that nature. We LOVE antiques (the real deal) and old stuff in general. We enjoy partnering with others of like mind. To inquire about space rental, visit the ‘Contact Us’ page. If you organize a show and wish to advertise here, contact Lisa at

Halo BBQ returns to this years Antique Alley Texas

Venues are outdoor so weather always plays into planning and prep. Rain or shine, we ALWAYS have the show! AAT is a very eclectic mix of all kinds of stuff. It is a treasure hunter’s delight!

You can’t navigate the whole event in one day. If possible, designate the whole weekend for your adventure. Fridays and Saturdays are crazy busy, Sundays rather quiet due to many not participating for religious reasons. “Wanna-be” first-to-find-it peeps (people) sneak out on Thursdays to try to scoop underpriced rarities from under-educated sellers which is always hit or miss depending on who gets to set-up early or not. Some only want junk and yard sales and others simply want to experience the excitement and diversity of the whole “shootin’ match” during the first two days of show.”


Antique Alley Texas – Faith Meadows  April 15 – 17, 2016

Halo BBQ returns to this years Antique Alley Texas

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