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BBQ’s and the American Way!

01 June, 2012

BBQ Facts and Trivia

Think grilling and BBQ are the same! Well here is the difference, grilling is for steaks, burgers, and hotdogs. These are items that cook quickly over the fire an coals. BBQ; however is “Low and Slow”, usually over a wood fire over a pit or in a smoker pit with a bit of hickory wood, apple wood, pecan wood or mesquite wood for that rich Smokey flavor! Most items that are barbequed are brisket, ham, pork shoulder (for pulled pork), ribs, turkey, whole chicken and sausage.
Just as there is a difference between “grilling and BBQ”, there is a difference in the styles on how to BBQ. At Halo BBQ, we are certain you will love our Texas southern style method that will bring out the natural juices of each meat. Let us be a part of your next gathering.
Greg and Jill
Halo BBQ and Catering

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