Classic Potato Chips

22 April, 2014

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Classic Potato Chips

Brighten your day with Lays Classic Potato Chips, 8.0 oz. This cheerful and light-textured snack puts a smile on every face thanks to the savory classic potato chip flavor that makes it a snack to share. Keep a bag in your desk to complement your chicken salad sandwich at lunchtime, and pair both with an ice cold, refreshing Pepsi to help you relax and unwind before you finish your workday.Lays Classic Potato Chips, 8.0 oz.

Loved by everyone, Lays Classic Potato Chips, 8.0 oz. makes an excellent choice when it’s time for fun in the sun with your family or for fun with friends at your next social occasion. Take a bag along on your next picnic, or just wind down after a hard day at work with a few of these chips to tide you over until dinner time. These light-textured chips offer smooth flavor that will delight your taste buds, making them perfect for sharing.
Lays Classic Potato Chips, 8.0 oz.:
8.0-ounce bag for sharing
Classic potato chip taste
Crisp, light and airy texture
Great for social gatherings or family nightSized for portable snacking


Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower, Corn, And/Or Canola Oil), And Salt.

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