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Next Stop for Halo BBQ… Antique Alley!

21 March, 2013

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Next Stop for Halo BBQ …Antique Alley! Come out to see us this year. We will be at the Faith Meadows Location again in our same spot! April 19, 20 and 21st! Hope to see you there!

“The show is advertised from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Rain or shine, we”ll have a show!

Antique Alley spans the four towns of Grandview, Maypearl, Itasca and Cleburne. Grandview anchors the heart of the show with Maypearl to the east, Itasca to the south and Cleburne to the west. As you drive between towns, you will see shows scattered about – they are not “solid”, so keep driving! Do NOT park on the highway. If a landowner does not offer safe parking in their pasture, don”t stop! Drive safe! Traffic will be heavy; especially on HWY 4 (S). Be kind; be friendly. If you see someone pull onto the shoulder to creep past waiting traffic, it could be a resident trying to get to their mailbox and up to their driveway! It will be “slow-going” on the way to certain shopping venues. DPS troopers give tickets for parking on the shoulder of the highway.”

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