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Our Smoked Meats

Our Smoked Meats

Our tender, Smoked Meats make the perfect entree at any event or meal.

Expertly Prepared Texas Style Smoked Brisket

Trimmed and beautifully marbled, our brisket is renowned for its delicious old-time flavor and tenderness. We cook it low and slow, giving each premium cut a full 18 hours inside our oak and hickory-fired smoker. This allows the secret spice rub to work well into the meat, imparting a rich, hearty flavor and juicy texture you won’t find anywhere else.

Fall Off the Bone Ribs

Our meaty, tender, extra-juicy ribs will please even the most particular rib lover in your family, so be sure to order extra for yourself!

Halo BBQ Smoked Chickens

Plump, juicy and flavorful. We begin with the best and plumpest fryers we can find and slow smoke with pecan wood turning these smoked chickens into masterpieces of mouthwatering flavor! These whole smoked chickens are a treat you and your guests won’t soon forget!

Halo BBQ Smoked Sausage

Our Smoked Sausage is made from the finest lean cuts of pork and beef combined with fresh spices and peppers from a traditional old world recipe! This Sausage recipe is slow smoked by oak and hickory embers until fully cooked to bring out all of the irresistible flavor!

Halo BBQ Smoked Hams and Pork Loin Chops

All of our Smoked Hams and Pork Loin Chops are slow smoked by oak and hickory embers until fully cooked….a masterpiece of irresistible mouth-watering flavor! Looking for something distinctly different? We invite you to thrill your guest’s taste buds with our Pork Loin Chops! These beautiful juicy Pork Chops are perfect!

Halo BBQ delicious golden brown smoked turkey legs!

Our delicious plump, juicy, golden brown turkey legs are larger than most turkey legs sold at major theme parks and festivals around the United States! Our Turkey Legs are smoked to perfection and are a great choice for a family events, graduation party, picnic at the beach, or any social gathering!

Halo BBQ Smoked Turkey

Our turkeys are slow smoked to perfection, plump, juicy, and golden brown for the most delicious turkey you have ever tasted! We offer Smoked Turkeys, Smoked Turkey Legs, and Smoked Turkey Breast in a variety of smoke flavors!

Halo BBQ Classic Pulled Pork

Tastes great piled high on a bun or roll. Premium pork shoulder is hand-rubbed with a signature seasoning blend, then slow smoked by oak and hickory embers. Juicy and pink inside—and perfectly charred on the outside. The pork is then shredded by hand!

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